Karin Mueller, Founder & Director

Karin Mueller, Founder & Director

Coaching for high performance leadership based on integrity, respect and kindness

At Liebfrog Coaching, we believe that the most effective and respected leaders are those who act with integrity and treat others with respect and kindness. These traits are key to growth and profits – because in today’s complex and agile environments they are essential to inspire motivated and productive teams.

Our one-to-one coaching programmes provide the space, structure and support your people need to gain perspective and clarity and understand what blocks their professional growth. They cultivate self-awareness, acquire new skills and habits, and develop pragmatic strategies which make them more resourceful - all leading to a step change in performance.

Our focus is mid-career professionals making the crucial step from being one of many to becoming one of few. We base our work on specific and concrete issues, such as leadership skills, executive presence, confidence and resilience and career transition (voluntary or following redundancy). However, we also uncover and address underlying themes, for example by challenging limiting beliefs and unhelpful assumptions, and encouraging a growth mindset.

With access to a strong network of leadership development professionals with broad skillsets, we have the capacity to support a broad range of clients.

We work with organisations as well as individuals.

We coach in English and German.

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