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A New Start: Time to pause, reflect, take stock - and plan

When was the last time you took a bit of quality time to get some perspective, reflect, take stock and plan for the future? Not just professionally, but also personally?  Beyond one or two new year’s resolutions (which were then forgotten by the end of January)? 

We’re guessing it may have been a while.

Tackle the important questions

Wouldn’t it be great to give yourself time to tackle some of the more important questions: How happy am I in my job?  Am I reaching my goals?  What really matters to me, at work and outside of work?  Am I living the life I want to live?

‘I kept procrastinating until I finally decided to enrol in A New Start. I needed structure to guide my thinking - and I got that in the pre-work; I needed a healthy challenge to my thinking - and I got this and much more in the sessions. I was impressed to discover how putting simple steps on paper makes the vision for the year so much clearer.’

We know that none of these answers are easy to find, which is why we have developed 'A New Start'. This effective, affordable and fun four-part coaching programme helps you set stretching, achievable and most importantly relevant goals and supports you as you work towards achieving them.  

You will be working through some simple but powerful exercises through which you’ll explore your life and your goals in a structured way and develop a draft action plan. You’ll then get an opportunity to develop this further during a one hour Skype coaching session. In the end you’ll come away with a firm plan - and the guidance on how to follow through.

Plan, follow through, reach your goals

You’ll reconnect with your coach for two more sessions, which gives you an opportunity to revisit your goals, discuss the progress you have made, any obstacles and how to overcome these.  You choose when.  You stay on track and ultimately achieve what you aimed for.

A New Start is a mini retreat for yourself.  It’s practical, powerful and most importantly fun.

‘A New Start was a very simple tool, which helped me evaluate where I stand in life and prioritise what I need to do to feel happier about myself. Karin guides you through this - but it is up to you to make the plan happen.’

With A New Start, you’ll get

- 4 exercise modules
- 3 Skype coaching sessions
- A clear action plan    

£295 incl. VAT

The service is available to clients around the world and is offered in English and German. 

Contact us to find out more and book.

Download programme details here.