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Every client is different – and so are our coaching programmes. We take great care in getting to know you, understanding your world, your challenges and your ambitions before designing a coaching programme tailored to your specific needs.

Our programmes differ in length depending on the topic but many consist of about ten one-hour sessions, held at a mutually convenient venue over a period of several months. Where face to face meetings are not possible, the coaching can take place via video conference or over the phone.

Free consultation

As mutual trust is key to the success of a programme every coaching relationship starts with an introductory chemistry call or meeting – free of charge and with no commitment.

This is an opportunity to get to know each other and discuss the coaching topic.  It’s a chance for you to ask any questions and for both parties to consider whether they feel comfortable working together.

After this introduction, your coach formulates a coaching proposal, including a rough outline, a time frame, the number of sessions, and fees.  

First session

During the first session, you and your coach talk in more detail through your current situation and the coaching topic in order to define the main goal and anticipated outcomes. These guide the rest of the programme.

Subsequent sessions

Over subsequent sessions, your coach supports you in working towards your goal by following a tailor-made programme.  This can involve self-reflections and observations, the development of new practices and habits, and new strategies and tools.

Most importantly, coaching is about helping you put theory into action and practise new skills in ‘real life’.