Effective Leadership For Uncertain Times - 3 part workshop series

In today’s fast moving world, every day is exam day: an ever-increasing number of new and unpredictable challenges requires professionals to be agile and adaptable, learn more, learn faster, assimilate information quickly. And this no longer only applies to the C-suite.

Our three-module ‘future-fit’ leadership development programme provides your middle managers with the insights and skills to grow and lead effectively, and help your organisation thrive in uncertain times.

Module 1:
Thriving as an individual

Great leadership starts with the individual. In this first module we will explore and practise how we can get to know and lead ourselves better. Raising self-awareness sits at the heart of this module and we look at topics such as emotional intelligence, our values and purpose, developing a growth mindset, personal branding, gravitas and resilience.

Module 2:
Inspiring others

We will look at ourselves in the context of our teams and colleagues. Topics will include decision-making and delegation, how to give (and receive) effective feedback, managing former peers and having difficult conversations.

Module 3:
Having impact

Yesterday’s answers are no longer sufficient for today’s challenges. In this final module, we explore broader leadership topics such as thought leadership, developing a strategic perspective, challenging the status quo, leading change, and collaboration for impact.

This workshop series is ideal for mid- career professionals and emerging leaders who are ready to embrace the future while managing the present.

The sessions are interactive, challenging but fun and work best in groups of 6 to 12 people. (The modules can be adjusted to accommodate larger groups if required.).

Depending on the audience needs, it can be delivered as three bite size sessions (90 minutes each) or in three in depth workshops (3 hours each).