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Meet new professional contacts in the fresh air, far away from stuffy conference rooms and noisy bars!

There’s something about walking together which encourages conversations that go beyond the superficial. You might uncover potential business relationships, find out about opportunities in the marketplace, or just chat with like-minded professionals about issues in common.

Beforehand, we’ll send you information about who is coming, their organisation, what they want to talk about, and what you might have in common. And not only will we ensure everyone feels welcome, we'll be happy to make introductions if there’s anyone you’d particularly like to meet. You decide what you wish to share beforehand. (We’ll never give out contact information – so remember to bring your business cards!)

Dogs are welcome. We know they’re always on the lookout for new contacts.

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"I really enjoyed the Liebfrog netwalk. The mix of walking, riverside sights and a lovely, varied group of people meant that conversations flowed easily. Karin added some nice touches, such as a pre-event list sharing our responses to quirky questions to start things off, and gentle mixing of the group so we all talked to lots of people. I'm looking forward to the next one!"
- Katie, Coach and Trainer

"I loved the London Lieb-frog Net-walk, it was an easy way to meet new contacts in a relaxed & enjoyable manner. Regular stops allowed us to mix easily without any awkwardness. I have recommended the Net-walk to others & I would certainly attend again myself. Thank you!"
- Natalie Teare, bespoke jeweller

"A networking event with a difference! I met some interesting new contacts and even found a potential client."
- Carola, tax specialist & yoga teacher in training

"As a reluctant networker I find it easier and more enjoyable to network while walking. The conversations are different and go beyond the usual small talk, making it easier to connect and engage. Thank you Liebfrog."
- Jenny, coach & leadership development consultant

"Karin's net walking event was a breath of fresh air, literally.  Walking, chatting, dodging bikes and runners were great conversation starters and it felt very natural to be networking in this way.  Getting to know new people, exercising and finding common ground on a Sunday morning, a much nicer way to network than standing up and doing a minute or talking in a noisy restaurant or lunch venue.  Such a great idea, thank you Karin for organising.  Will spread the word."
- Julie, nutritionist

"The netwalk was a very refreshing experience. It was more than just exchanging business cards, it was exchanging great conversations while walking together. I look forward to attending more such networking events in the future."
- Ira, recruitment consultant

"As an entrepreneur I spend too much time indoors and a lot of it working solo, so I was delighted to attend Liebfrog’s Netwalk. This fun opportunity to combine a pleasant walk and expand my professional network but in a relaxed environment beat the usual staid conference room hands down. So easy and so enjoyable it did not feel like a networking event. Even better, I was able to multi-task and take my dog with me (who also made new contacts!). I will be there for the next Netwalk and highly recommend. Thank you Liebfrog. I love it!"
- Caroline Denyer, founder of Growlees & Growlmama