We work with professionals from many industries. Recent clients include leaders from the financial services sector, a high street fashion retailer, a leading children’s charity, a hotel chain and one of the world’s largest entertainment companies.

Many of our former clients would be happy to discuss their experience with you.

‘Coaching with Karin was a life changing experience, I was able to tackle the fears and hesitations that were standing in the way of my dream to start a business. I am now a huge fan of coaching. The power of thinking space is priceless!’
Chaya Mistry, Founder of Humanly

‘Working with Karin as part of her programme is like a breath of fresh air. She is calm and insightful, helping you uncover the answer to your question that's hiding inside you. Her direct, yet gentle and soft approach creates safe space to share and receive knowledge and advice. Joining her programme was like a present to myself that keeps on giving.’
Dessy Tsolova, Fashion Insiders & Co

‘Karin is a very dynamic and friendly, experienced professional. I have had the pleasure to work with her for several years and she is an invaluable contact for FOCUS. Not only has she presented several career and soft skills seminars to our members, receiving extremely positive feedback, but also provided individual coaching to partners looking to establish a career in the UK. Working with international professionals, Karin has shown a great deal of cultural sensitivity, helping them to navigate the UK job market as well as to adjust to the local culture.’
Alessandra Gnudi, Executive Director, FOCUS

‘Karin's holistic approach and warm, smart personality have meant that in a short time I'm already amazed by the breadth and depth of ways her coaching is impacting my life. I thought I was approaching her about a work issue, but her calm, caring manner quickly drew out the ways this was related to some much more deep rooted beliefs and behaviours. I've found the insights she makes thought provoking - she's also got a wonderful sense of humour which helps when thinking about tougher issues! The practices she suggests have been rewarding, enjoyably varied, and creative. As a result, in work contexts I've been amazed how quickly people have noticed improvements way beyond the issues I originally approached her about. My personal relationships are also now much calmer and happier. She is a wonderful person and I can't recommend her highly enough!’
Emily Oliver, sustainability consultant

‘Karin is a broadly skilled and highly effective professional who understands a brief quickly and delivers what is needed. With a combination of strategic thinking and pragmatism she gets to grips with complex challenges and translates them into workable and effective solutions. With her collaborative and friendly style she is an asset to any team and her commitment to delivering high quality results on time is outstanding.’
Heather Morgan, Director of People and Planning, Great Ormond Street Hospital Childrens' Charity

‘I approached Karin just after university, when I was still very much clueless with what career path to follow. I was hesitant in contacting a coach as I wasn’t too sure what they would do or what they would even help me with – but I was really needing the assistance. Karin took such great care of me, she went above and beyond all that I expected, and she was there at any point necessary. From the time I started to our last session, I became so much more sure of myself and my career in London. It was done by taking the smallest of steps and Karin was exceptional at providing assistance and support for this. I now highly recommend coaches to anyone I speak to, purely because there is so much one can learn during those lessons.’
Jason W., entertainment industry

‘I have made excellent progress towards my coaching goal. Karin was the tonic that I needed to kick-start my dormant potential. The sessions kept me on-track as I knew that I was accountable to someone within a short time frame. Karin took a real interest in me and my situation and made me feel she cared if I succeeded. Some of the homework was quite tough! All of it very useful, tailored to my needs and helped me work out where I wanted to go. And although we had a tight schedule to fit in a lot of work, Karin didn’t make me feel pressured in any way. My overall rating of my coaching experience 5 out of 5.’
Lynne Haddow, career coaching client

‘Karin is a great coach. She has enormous capacity to listen carefully and respect my ideas, decisions and perspectives. With her help I have been able to sort out things and gain tremendous clarity on my business plans. She guided me beautifully in aligning my life and work to my value system, beliefs, talent and skills. She helped me to understand that my goals and achievements are as important as everything else that I have been prioritising in my life. She is an outstanding coach and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to sort out big questions in their life related to career goals, work etc.’
Supreet Oberoi, entrepreneur

‘Karin is a wonderful coach – highly experienced, professional, empathetic and with a real talent for understanding you and helping you get to the crux of an issue quickly and with great warmth. I really enjoyed our sessions together. Karin keeps you focused while gently challenging you and supports you all the way. I would definitely recommend Karin to anyone looking for a coach to help them navigate a job change or indeed career change.’
Mark Hanly, change management expert

Karin was an excellent coach. She was always well prepared for every session and it often seemed to me that she had a better idea of what we’d done in previous sessions than I had. Most importantly, I always felt that she genuinely cared about the outcome and never lost interest. Not once did I get the feeling that she wasn’t 100% present. I liked the way she prodded and wasn’t afraid of making me feel uncomfortable without trying to take control of the sessions.’
Gerhard H, financial services

‘I asked Karin for coaching to work through a physical injury that was affecting me mentally and emotionally. Karin is a great listener who is empathetic and also knows when to ask a question and which one. Each session ended with a question that had me stumped (which meant I had homework!). I also found that Karin’s sessions are clear and structured, always beginning with a summary from the last session, updates and questions, and a clear wrap up of what we’d decided (although she always asked, ‘what have you decided to do’, quite rightly). I completed the short course with clear guidelines to improve all aspects of my situation, while also giving me ideas to get other parts of my life back on the track I want them on, as an added bonus.’
Greg A, coaching client

‘Karin is friendly, attentive, curious, encouraging, understanding and a great listener. For most of us, it is quite difficult to lay out your fears and insecurities, but Karin helps you to analyse, understand and work with them. She takes a "light touch" approach to coaching, tuning in to the needs of her client. By asking the right questions, she helps you understand your thoughts, behaviour and the issues you want to work on. I was impressed by Karin's engagement, attitude and professionalism; she is structured in the way she designs coaching programmes, and very responsive and flexible. This enabled us to get the best out of each and every session. I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone who is looking for professional and personal guidance, and am very grateful for the work she has done with me.’
Ilse H, consultant

‘I really enjoyed my coaching sessions with Karin. The ideas were really creative and helped me get out of my comfort zone! My confidence has grown since doing the coaching sessions and I appreciate my own abilities a lot more. Thanks Karin!’
Ethical trade executive, Primark

‘Karin is a great coach and through working with Karin I have understood myself much more. Karin's coaching has enabled me to connect with my emotions and begin to focus on the way that I feel in different situations and understand how to overcome emotional blockages in order to achieve my goals.’
Roshina Khan, coach and consultant

’Karin is a great professional who offered a dynamic, stretching, thought and change provoking coaching programme. These 6 months were invaluable in understanding myself and learning to “open new doors”. Being a great listener, Karin could summarise my thinking in a few sharp statements which reflected the core of the issue. I was positively surprised about the accuracy of the proposed coaching programme objectives after what seemed to be a simple chat about my life. Throughout the programme I was always confident that Karin understood me, my strengths and my insecurities; and the programme was put together to reflect this. Karin has a great skill of stretching a person greatly while being very comforting and supportive at the same time. I found myself signing up for an activity I have never felt comfortable with. This resulted in an eye-opening experience providing a different perspective on those subjects important to me. Having my job as a fundamental part of my life and focusing on rational thinking a lot, I appreciated a holistic approach to coaching which looked at myself both at work and outside, as well as considering the physical and emotional state of my personality. This gave me an opportunity to explore and reflect on my actions on different levels. I found the greatest value in a sequence of exercises which allowed me to explore the rules I live my life by and ultimately re-think my attitude to the things that I would like to change and those aspects I am actually happy with. Having gone through the coaching programme with Karin I definitely feel more confident about myself and about embarking on new experiences both in my professional and personal life.’
Aleksandra Vološčuka, HR manager, global travel company

‘Karin is a wonderful coach who has mastered the fine art of active listening. Her style is both supportive and stretches a person to achieve more than their comfort zone.
The exercises are both insightful and liberating and are designed perfectly for the challenges at that particular point in time for the person. I am now more confident in my approach, more focused in my purpose and create more value for my key stakeholders. I feel truly blessed to have been coached by Karin, thank you once again for all your help & support over the past 6 months.’
Kush Kanodia, social entrepreneur

‘Working with Karin has helped me see why I am stuck and has directed that insight into something positive. She is very easy to talk to and I felt I could share every irk whether work or personal.  After each session I felt rejuvenated and ready to address what I hadn’t been able to see before. The tasks set were not too taxing but cleverly revealing, and have made me see my views and values in a new light. I have found working with her incredibly helpful and beneficial.’
Robert, public services

‘Karin is a compassionate and insightful coach who brings both professional and personal wisdom to her coaching. Working with her has enabled me to tackle things that have been standing in my way for a long time as Karin opened my eyes to new perspectives and opportunities. But most importantly, she has helped me to develop some practical approaches and solutions which could be put to the test straight away.’
HR Business Partner, FMCG company

’I have worked with Karin for many years and would be lost without her. Her ability to listen without judging, not to mention her honesty and keen sense of humour have made her an indispensable sounding-board on whom I rely hugely and look forward to meeting with. She is kind but pragmatic and has such a wealth of experience dealing successfully with people and cultures from such a wide range of backgrounds - from private clients to multinationals. This brings to her coaching an open-mindedness and a level of life experience that you don’t often find. I would highly recommend her to anyone that needs a steer in the right direction – be it personal or professional. Thank you Karin!’
Entrepreneur, luxury goods segment