Strengths Profile Coaching


Most of us have been told that we have to work on eliminating our weaknesses if we want to progress and succeed in life.

But what if the opposite was true?

What if acknowledging what we are already great at (and love doing), and making the most of those strengths was a much easier and more effective way of getting ahead?

If you would like to better understand your strengths and how you can use them more intentionally to reach your goals, sign up for your personal Strength Profile Coaching.

After taking an online assessment you will be provided with a detailed report, analysing 60 different strengths over four categories (unrealised strengths, realised strengths, learned behaviours and weaknesses) and five strength families.

During a de-brief session, we will help you interpret your results in relation to your current situation as well as your ambitions for the future. You will walk away with a clearly defined action to get you closer to your goals.

It won't just benefit you, but also the people, teams, and organisations you work with.

Choose one of the following packages:

Option 2:
Strengths Profile report
One 60 min online debrief session
One 60 min follow up coaching session
£250 incl VAT

Option 1:
Strengths Profile report
One 60 min online debrief session

£150 incl VAT